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A Guide to Owning a Pool in Tucson

Posted by Chris Smith on April 16, 2020

Living in The Old Pueblo during the summer means you will likely spend your leisure time in three places: your home, a restaurant/arcade (ie Dave and Busters), or a refreshing pool. Even throughout the mild spring and fall seasons, Tucson residents make good use of their pools. 

With the luxury of owning your own pool comes a large amount of responsibility. Building a pool is a large investment that will benefit you during the time you are living in your home, and could add value to the sale price of your property if you ever sell. 

Maintenance fees can get steep depending upon the type of pool you own, and owning a swimming pool naturally impacts your liability as a homeowner. This article will provide a thorough understanding of what is required when adding a pool or buying a home with one in Tucson.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Pool in Tucson?

If you have considered building the pool of your dreams, most likely you have done some research and have come up with a shockingly high number. Although these numbers may reflect reality, there are options worth looking into that will bring those estimates down. On average, in-ground pools run between $25,000 to about $85,000 to manufacture and install. 

The size of your pool is the most important factor when estimating the cost of a pool. Since the ground is incredibly compact and dense, the excavation process is difficult, time consuming, and far more expensive compared to areas with softer soil. The next most important factor to consider is the type of pool you install, which we will cover in the next section.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools generally run about 16 feet wide, 40 feet long, and 8.5 feet deep. With fiberglass pools, you are usually limited to the predesigned molds. However, you can customize your pool with features such as therapy jets, colorful lights, and bench seats. Fiberglass pool projects, which consist of the manufacturing and installation, range from $40,000 to $80,000.  On the bright side, fiberglass pools require less maintenance, which consist of only chemicals and electricity. 

Vinyl Liner

Vinyl liner pools are generally rectangular, but you can customize the size and depth of your pool. If you don’t mind spending a little more you can also customize the shape of the pool, as well. Most vinyl liner pools typically cost between $25,000 to $70,000 depending on size and features. This type of pool uses less electricity and fewer chemicals than a fiberglass pool. However, the vinyl liner will need to be replaced every 5 to 10 years and will cost anywhere from $4,000 to 10,000 each time. Vinyl liner pools are less expensive upfront but will cost you more in the long run if you plan on staying in your home for more than 10 years. 

These are all of the factors to consider when installing your own pool. Luckily, Tucson offers plenty of homes with pools already installed. Click here to search for Tucson Homes for Sale with Pool.

Other Factors to Consider

Now that we have covered the costs and commitment associated with building your own pool, there are still other factors to consider to maintain a smooth-running backyard pool. In this section, we will delve into the other factors, and the potential costs associated with them.

Pool Maintenance 

Maintaining a pool demands a large amount of money, time, and energy. For proper maintenance of a pool, you must test the water with a pH tester and add chemicals as needed. Chemicals generally run anywhere from $25 to $50 a month, if you decide to handle them yourself.

Most pool owners find themselves spending a minimum of 30 minutes a day either adding chemicals, using a pool net to remove debris, and vacuuming the bottom. If you would rather skip the time and energy, hire pool maintenance services. 

Depending on the level of service you choose, expect to pay between $200 to $400 monthly for this service, which will include chemicals and cleaning. 

Repairs and Utilities

Chemicals and cleaning aren’t the only maintenance costs. Plan on spending an average of $4,000 yearly for repairs and additional utilities such as water and electricity. Tears, a popped bead, and sun and aging are typical repairs vinyl-lined pools will require. These repairs can cost anywhere from $200 to upwards of $2,000. 

Spider cracks, bulging walls, fading color, and plumbing leaks are all repairs that may come with fiberglass pools and can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. However, with proper maintenance, many of these issues can be avoided.

However, there are courses of action you can take to keep those costs down. For example, installing an automatic timer for the pool filter will eliminate the need to turn it off when the pool isn’t being used.

Homeowner Insurance Regarding Pools

Before installing your pool contact your insurance company to be sure you are properly protected. A swimming pool is available for homeowner insurance under either “scheduled structure” or “other structures blanket coverage.” 

Since it is a detached structure like a mother-in-law suite or a shed it is not automatically covered in your policy unless you add it to your existing policy. Be aware that your insurance company will most likely require a fence around the pool and diving boards will require a non-skid surface to make your pool eligible for coverage.

What is Covered Under My Policy? 

You will have liability coverage for any injuries endured due to the pool. Liability coverage assists in covering bodily injury, medical expenses, and legal fees. It also covers any damages that may incur during our infamous monsoons or any vandalism that takes place. In these situations, your homeowner policy will help repair or replace the damaged areas.

Should you Get an Umbrella Policy?

Adding umbrella liability coverage when insuring your pool is smart. Umbrella coverage can present more risks to injury compared to the other areas of your house. Umbrella coverage simply provides additional liability coverage to your policy in the case of an accident. 

Added Home Value

According to Redfin, an in-ground pool can add $25,000 to $30,000 to the property of the average Tucson home. Of course, the nicer the pool, the greater the additional home value rises. The National Association of Realtors reports a home’s value increases by about 7% and specifically, in the Southwest, it can be closer to 11%. 

However, when compared to the cost of installation, supplies, and maintenance, it could take years of appreciation before you see a return on your investment. Although the numbers may not make it a savvy value add investment, that’s not the reason why people prefer to install and upkeep backyard pools.
Pools are not only great for swimming and parties, they also provide a relaxing retreat after a long workday/week. Families love pools for the lifelong memories created with their families, and for the many benefits swimming can provide.

Interested in Learning More About Homes for Sale in Tucson/Oro Valley with a Pool?

We Know Tucson is dedicated to helping our clients find the perfect home for sale with a sparkling pool. In addition to our real estate expertise, we work with a number of reputable vendors, including pool maintenance companies, inspectors, and insurance agents. If you would like more information about buying a home for sale with a pool, give us a call at 520-404-8813 or fill out our Contact Form.

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