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Farmer’s Market Spotlight: St. Philip’s Plaza

Posted by Chris Smith on February 26, 2020

The award-winning St Philips Farmers Market has served the greater Tucson metro area for over 20 years. This scenic market, featuring massive Eucalyptus trees and elegant cobblestone entryways, hosts two weekly markets and has become one of the largest farmers market in Arizona. Shoppers have a wide selection of high-quality, local and diverse farm and artisan products. 

Location and Hours

You are promised a unique experience at St. Philips Plaza Farmers Market, conveniently located at 4280 North Campbell Avenue, on the southeast corner of River Road and Campbell Avenue.

The Artisan Farmers Market is each Saturday from 8 a.m- noon, May through September and 9 a.m- 2 p.m through the months of October and April. The Classic Farmers Market operates on the same schedule as the Artisan Market, on Sundays. 

St Philips Farmers Market: Artisan

The Saturday Artisan Farmers Market provides guests a magical encounter with one-of-a -kind local goodies. If you are searching for tasty treats, original art or all natural healing products, this spectacular Saturday outside market has you covered. 

Here are some of the most popular vendors you will find on a Saturday at the St Philips Farmers Market:

Bakehouse Bread Company

For over 20 years, Bakehouse Bread Company has baked bread the traditional way and shaped the dough by hand. All their breads are baked in steam injected deck ovens, and served fresh, seven days a week at local grocery stores and restaurants. Their signature bread, Asiago Cheese & Cracked Black Pepper, is filled with big chunks of Asiago cheese and cracked pepper.

French Ficelle is formed like a baguette, but much crustier and thinner, perfect for a pasta dinner. Bakehouse Bread Company also bakes up a wide-range of tasty sweet breads, like Butter Pound Cake, Lemon Bread, Cinnamon Swirl Bread and Banana Chocolate Crunch Bread just to name a few. 

You don’t have to search for other places that serve these tantalizing breads, because they are right here at the Artisan Farmers Market every Saturday!

Nature’s Premium Aloe

Aloe Vera Miracle Cream is Nature’s Premium Skin Care signature product. Their completely vegan-free, paraben-free, soy-free, gluten-free, mineral-oil free and non-GMO  formula provides several essential natural botanicals that combat infection, reduce pain and aid in inflammation. This miracle lotion is effective for many ailments, such as: arthritis, canker sores, hives, Lupus, Shingles and Rosacea. 

Nature’s Premium Skin Care uses natural healing ingredients like Aloe, Fennel Seed Extract and Grapefruit oil. Did you know not all aloe is created equal? Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice is the gel in the aloe plant; when aloe is sold in gel form, it means thickeners have been added. Natural aloe juice, which is used in Nature’s Premium Aloe products, contains six antiseptic agents that fight infections, along with three anti-inflammatory agents and three anagestics that are known to reduce pain and itching. 

Nature’s Premium Skin Care not only makes all-natural products that are better for us and the world, they support many organizations that do good things for mankind.

Michele Bodeline Fine Art

Are you a fur parent? Are you just an all around animal lover? Michele Bodeline creates mesmerizing animal portraits in pastel of pets and wildlife. Michele began painting animal portraits when she was fifteen. She found her calling when a teacher displayed her portrait of two Siamese kittens at her school, and requests began pouring in. Her mission is to create the bond you have with your pet in your portrait. 

Her goal is to create “living portraits” that speak to the customer. If it is a parrot, a horse, a cat or a ferret, Michele will grab the essence of your beloved pet, framing it under glass with spacers or mats for you to take home or give as a gift. Bring her a picture and discuss your desired portrait on Saturdays at the Artisan Farmers Market. 

Classic Market

Each Sunday shoppers can splurge on hand-crafted body soaps, award-winning BBQ sauce or traditional Salvadoran Pupusas. Bring the family out to experience local vendors unique products and support your community. 

Here are some of the featured Sunday vendors:

Ancestral Herbals

Ancestral Herbals creates only 100% all-natural, hand-craftedl body soaps and moisturizers. These soaps and moisturizers even have healing properties, great for skin plagued by acne. You can trust that Ancestral Herbals uses zero toxic chemical colorants. The vibrant colors are created using fruits, vegetables and earth-based colorants like iron oxides and michas.

Because the skin is our largest organ and absorbs almost everything we put on it, Ancestral Herbs uses only essential oils for their product’s  pleasant aroma. Silk, buttermilk and oatmeal are frequently used in the soaps and moisturizers for added benefits. Many of the ingredients used are local to Tucson. Some of their more popular items, Cedar & Sage Bar and Coffee Soap, can be purchased each Sunday at the farmers’ market.

AZ Grill & Hearth

It is always BBQ weather in Tucson! And, you absolutely can not have your family and friends over to grill without delicious rubs and sauces. AZ Grill & Hearth makes unique flavors that will have your friends dying to know how you made that meat taste so good. “Balsa Nova” is a Balsamic hot sauce, using Artisan Balsamic from Italy and Ghost Peppers from India. This sauce is a little sweet and a bit more heat.

Locals swear it is even great on ice cream. Looking for something a little more traditional? “Steakhouse Rock” on your Filet Mignon will have you salivating. With a blend of black pepper, sea salt, paprika, garlic and onion powder, this rub “rocks!” 

Selena’s Salvadorian Food

Selena’s Salvadoran Food has the taste of tradition and love. Curtido, which is a popular Salvadoran dish made with cabbage, onions, carrots, oregano and lime juice, is available to hungry patrons each Sunday at the farmers market. And if you want it on another day, great news: Selena’s now has a restaurant located at 2513 North Campbell Avenue, near the corner of Grant and Campbell. Other dishes such as chicken tamales are available, as well. Selena’s also offers vegan and gluten-free options.

Share With Us!

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St. Phillip’s Plaza is also located in Central Tucson, and near the border of the popular community of Catalina Foothills. Interested in learning more about buying a home for sale in Central Tucson or Catalina Foothills? Give us a call at 520-404-8813 or fill out our Contact Form.

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