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Heat Up Your Desert Home’s Curb Appeal

Posted by Chris Smith on December 14, 2020

A first impression is important when meeting a new person – just as curb appeal is important when seeing a home for the first time. Great curb appeal is eye catching and makes your home stand out from your neighbors. Many people may focus on improving the interior and neglect the exterior; however, the outer aesthetic is equally important. Real estate market trends show curb appeal sells. Well-done landscaping, fresh paint and decor to match can boost value in no time. 

Designer Gravel

Living in the desert definitely comes with its perks, especially when you opt for designer gravel instead of a grass lawn. Homeowners save money, water and time normally spent mowing. It’s a very low maintenance option and looks more natural in the surrounding Sonoran Desert landscape.

Many homeowners use designer gravel to step up their outer aesthetic. Designer gravel landscapers offer an array of rocks from desert rose to cactus gold that come in shades of gray, brown and other natural hues. It’s truly a flattering option for the outdoor design of any home.

Desert Plants

Southern Arizona brings the heat and some of the most beautiful and unique plants to match. Cactus and succulents thrive in the desert climate and will make the most gorgeous addition to your landscape.

Flowering cacti with fuchsia and vividly orange blooms are a showstopper. The Claret Cup Cactus, also known as hedgehog, offers a variety of bright red blooms. It grows to a potential of three feet high and six feet wide. A native plant to the southwest, this plant is easily grown in soil that’s well drained. Experts recommend planting claret cup cactus with poppies and native grasses.

The Ghost Plant succulent is a trouble-free plant to add to your desert landscape and boost curb appeal. This rose-shaped plant often comes in green with a pink, warm hues around the edge of its leaves. The ghost plant succulent is extremely low maintenance and does well in the full sun. No need to fear monsoon, heavy rainfall can help perk up plants after a dry spell. The safest thing to do is prepare succulents by covering them before the storm to ensure they have a bit of shield to protect them.

Another great option for environments known to experience droughts is the pencil plant. It has recently grown in popularity in temporary landscaping. The pencil plant is green with shades of coral when it becomes water deprived. This stick-like plant does best in bright areas where it can bask in the sunshine.


Paint color is a game changer when it comes to competitive curb appeal. Expert painters recommend giving your home dimension. This is accomplished through varied colors on your home’s shutters, garage, front door, siding or window trim.

You simply can’t go wrong when you choose shades of neutrals to paint your home. Lighter paint shades are known to absorb less heat – making them a win-win exterior paint option when living in Arizona. A fresh coat of white, pearl or off-white can give any home a breathtaking facelift. Grays and beiges are also popular color option for Tucson homeowners.

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Living in the southwest offers a plethora of outdoor decorating options. Embrace all Arizona has to offer by adding Native-American art to your outdoor space. Support local by purchasing art pieces and pottery from the reservations in the area.

Nothing says Arizona quite like clay pottery. Consider decorative pots and birdbaths to fully exude the spirit of the southwest. These decorative accent pieces are functional too. Place some of your favorite succulents or cacti in pots. Watch native Mourning Doves and hummingbirds take a dip in your birdbath.

Wind chimes make for a great outdoor decor piece. Choose from metal, wood, aluminum, or even colorful glass wind chimes to add a pop to your patio or garden space. This decoration not only looks beautiful but provides tones and chiming sounds to match.


Whether you’re refining your landscape by adding gorgeous cacti and succulents, freshening up the exterior paint or adding southwestern-inspired decor to your home – the curb appeal of your home is sure to rise. Outer aesthetic is pivotal to boosting value and heating up on the Southern Arizonan real estate market.

While improving your home’s curb appeal can help you maximize the value of your home, it still helps to have an experienced Realtor help you with every aspect of the home-selling process. If you are thinking about Selling Your Tucson Home, or would like to learn more about the Tucson Real Estate Market, give us a call at 520-404-8813.

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