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Best Ways to Stay Active During COVID-19 Crisis

Posted by Chris Smith on April 10, 2020

The window of great Spring weather for Southern Arizona residents is slowly, but surely, closing as we inch towards May. While social distancing is important during the COVID-19 crisis, that doesn’t mean you have to spend your days within the confines of home. In this post, we are sharing the best ways to stay active during the COVID-19 Crisis.

In addition to having the best weather of the season, Springtime in the Greater Tucson area offers early sunrises, later sunsets, blooming desert flora, and should be enjoyed by visitors, snowbirds, and locals alike.In this blog post, we will provide some of the great ways you and your family can enjoy everything the outdoors have to offer while keeping everyone safe.

Take a Hike

Whether it’s through the always-popular Catalina State Park, hiking to the cool waters of Seven Falls in Sabino Canyon, or elevating your heart rate with a trek up Tumamoc Hill, there is no shortage of challenging and scenic hiking trails in Tucson. 

The best way to minimize the chance of close encounters with other people, try to visit these trails and parks either very early or in the late afternoons. Since the sunset doesn’t begin until about 6:30 pm, there is plenty of time to enjoy a brisk trail hike starting at around 4pm.

Play Some Golf

Most golf courses in the area are still open, and many of them are taking extra precautions to reduce the chances of sharing or spreading any germs or viruses. For example, many golf courses are elevating the holes above-ground, which eliminates the need to reach into the hole to retrieve your golf ball. Additionally, rakes in the bunkers are being removed, and carts are being washed and sanitized in between uses.

There are some other precautions you can take as well. Unless the course doesn’t allow walking, dust off your push cart and avoid sharing a cart. Since golf courses may not have bottled water on various holes, make sure to bring your own and avoid dehydration.

Plant a Garden

As the low temps have slowly risen, the opportunity to grow your own herbs, flowers, produce and cacti is now. Even if you don’t have much in the way of yard space, something as simple as small pots hanging along a backyard trellis (pictured below) is a great way to enjoy the fresh air, and even put the kids to work.

Not sure which plants and seeds are best to grow during this time? The Community Gardens of Tucson offers a 12-month planting guide on their website.

Each of these activities can provide you hours of fun, and help you stay active while the weather is still amazing.

Did You Know…?

There are nearly 1,000 homes Under Contract in the Greater Tucson area? Despite the fear surrounding the pandemic, it hasn’t stopped people from buying or selling their homes in Tucson. 

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